Our Philosophy & Process

1. Our investment beliefs

We believe that a multi-manager investment approach adds value to investors’ investment outcomes over the long term by delivering consistent above average returns at acceptable levels of risk, through the application of:

  • a robust investment opportunity evaluation framework
  • active asset allocation; and
  • a robust investment manager selection process

We believe that there are no borders when researching attractively valued investment opportunities and we have developed a robust global investment opportunity evaluation framework to reflect this.

We also believe that valuations are the best predictors of investment performance over the medium to long term and that mean-reversion is a powerful force driving asset class behaviour over the longer term.

Our robust manager selection and investment solution construction process acknowledges that:

  • Active as well as non-active managers and mandates both have a role to play in well-constructed and robust investment solutions.
  • Quantitative investment approaches have the ability to strongly compliment pure bottom-up fundamental research driven approaches.
  • The approach to investments by most distinguished investment managers is continually evolving through enhancement and innovation, and the innovative multi-manager is best positioned to research and exploit these trends to the benefit of its clients.

2. Our philosophy

Our philosophical approach to investment management is based on collaboration and partnerships, both with the investment professionals and firms to which we outsource certain aspect of the management of our investment solutions, and with our clients to whom we are ultimately accountable.

We seek to identify the best investment talent in the industry by looking beyond established brands in order to discover the investment leaders of the future.

We create robust and holistic investment views by interrogating the most highly regarded investment views in the industry and complimenting this with our own in-depth proprietary research.

Ultimately we create solutions that incorporate:

  • Robust, industry leading designs;
  • Consistently performing investment strategies;
  • Distinguished investment managers; and
  • Attractively valued investment opportunities regardless of geographical domain

3. Our investment process

Our investment process is succinctly summarised in the graphical representation below that highlights the following important steps:

  1. Asset class research and the determination of the appropriate strategic and tactical asset allocations for solutions.
  2. Comprehensive quantitative and qualitative research of investment managers and the selection of managers appropriate to the solution being designed.
  3. The construction of robust portfolios with a high probability of attaining the desired investment outcomes, through the application of the insights acquired in the preceding steps.
  4. Continuous monitoring and periodic rebalancing of the solutions as may be required to maintain a high probability of the achievement of the desired outcomes.
  5. Professional reporting to clients regarding the progress of their investments.