In the event that you have provided BCI with your postal address as your preferred method of communication, please change it to your preferred email address at your earliest convenience. This will reduce the risk of potential fraud and improve service delivery.

To protect all the parties from the negative consequences of possible cyber-attacks, we recommend that you confirm the deposit banking details telephonically with our customer service team before transferring any funds. BCI takes no responsibility for any monies paid into incorrect bank accounts, being that due to negligence or cyber fraud linked to your email account.


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BCI FICA Risk-rating Questionnaire  
Investment Terms and Conditions  
BCI Application - Individual Form.pdf  
BCI Application - Legal Entity Form.pdf  
BCI Annexure A.pdf  
BCI Third Party Bank Authorisation Form.pdf  
BCI Application Form – New Broker  
BCI Additional Contribution Form.pdf  
BCI Authorisation Signatory Update.pdf  
BCI Broker Change.pdf  
BCI Broker Details Update.pdf  
BCI Cession Form.pdf  
BCI Debit Order Change Form.pdf  
BCI Discretionary Investment Advisor Online Permission Form.pdf  
BCI Dividend Withholding Tax Exemption.pdf  
BCI Investor Details Change.pdf  
BCI Joint Address.pdf  
BCI Online Registration_Financial Advisor.pdf     
BCI Online Registration_Investor.pdf  
BCI Switch Form.pdf  
BCI Transfer Form.pdf  
BCI Withdrawal Form.pdf  
BCI FICA Requirements Annexure  
BCI Fees and Fund Information  
BCI Step by Step manual.pdf  
Minimum Monthly Investments  
Self-Certification Annexure - Individual.pdf  
Self-Certification Annexure - Legal Entity.pdf